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« January 2019»



JINDA HERBS : Hair drop, Hair loss, Thin hair , Fungi, Bald ...Tel 08 6776 4099

JINDA HERBS : Hair drop, Hair loss, Thin hair , Fungi, Bald ...Tel 08 6776 4099

  จินดาสมุนไพร (Jinda herbs) :  Tel. 08-6776-4099

Hair - drop problem has many causes.

Introduction All of us born with hair, more or less thick hair is individually
different. Someones are lucky living without any hair problem but somes
confront a lot of problems such as scalp itching, scalp fungi, hair dropping
without cause to realize, chronic dandruff, allergy to chemicals in factories.
Many people came across problems , one hundred people, one hundred cases
but the hair dropping problem can be summarized as follows :

1. Scalp Fungi This problem caused by unclean hair, always wearing anti-knocking  helmet or hat continuously everyday so the scalp is moisture- trapped that invites fungi.  This needs urgent remedy.
2. Chemical Allergy This problem caused by harmful chemicals in working place and hair dyeing quite often since hair dyeing is now hit but most people hardly know that  frequent hair dyeing and perming would lead to hair degradation, easily breakable ,no weight hair or not strong hair root.
3. Dandruff This problem degrades personality in life, leading to no self-confidence when appear in public. Someones are afraid of wearing black garment because the dandruff  over black background is easily obvious. The cause is due to many factors. Someones  use wrong shampoo that does not get along with the scalp, the more hair shampooing ,  the drier the scalp and the more dandruff.
4. No Hair-Root Human hair root is normally strong . When it is really strong , it is easily noticeable by scrutiny of the dropped hair, if it has minute black bulb or white  mercury-like substance at the root that means the hair root is still healthy, but if it has no such minute bulb dropped along, just drop like cut by a barber, it shows that your hair  has certainly a kind of problem that need urgent remedy.
5. Adrogenetic Alopecia Thai quotation “ Thung Ma Long – Dong Chang Kham - Ngam Thepho - Chado Tiplaeng - Raeng Krapppphue Pik – Chik Khwan Fad- Rat Khlueng Khrao
“ describes various characteristic pattern of baldness normally appear among people  that the baldness may appear at frontal , crown , rear, sidal , continuous or separated areas. Someones , when confront these problems are desperately discouraged and feel that  no way to remedy the problem so let it be , no care to cure. Even though try to cure  it but thick hair hardly be Successful . Hair grafting surgery as advertised is so costly so  money had been better kept for other necessary vital things. I, the producer of this formula
used to confront so I realize how hard it is because I used to be bald in the past.

Conclusion of Hair problems

For all problems as described, I would like to suggest that you should consult the physician  who is expert in skin and hair especially or you may call us for consultation with Jinda Herb as you like to consider because there are some ways to heal  your such mentioned problems and it is our problem too. Jinda Herb can not tell you that how long,  within how many months or days your hair may be regained because each person has individually dissimilar problem, one hundred people, one hundred problems such as physical health is not strong, specific blood group, recreation, stress, drinking and hair cleanliness maintenance. These factors  vary in many ways so if you ask us whether application of herbal product is effective we  can say yes it works but it needs some time. Be relaxed and take it easy a bit . For the  producer’s case ,
it  took 8 –9 months to see how it worked but there are some clients, just 2 –3 months usage , they could se the results. Individual person is different by nature, by age , by sex and other factors

Jinda Herb would like to inform our clients who have hair problem that the new hair
will grow fast or slow , it depends upon your hair cells

Notes to observe after this herb usage

1. Hair dropping - dandruff-fungi- scalp itching If your symptom is still not so severe, 2-3 months application of this herbal product , the good result would be obviously appeared.
2.Thin - oily – dropping hair If your have had this problem for 1-3 years, it maytake 4 –5 months to see the good result .
3. Adrogenetic Alopecia If your have had this problem for 5-10 years, it may take about 9 –10  months to get better but if you has had problem for 10 –25 years , you should use for 1 year  and 5 months period to see the likely good result .
4. Chemical Allergy For someone who is chemical allergic or having chemical residuals on the scalp,  when you firstly apply this herbal product , the allergic- like symptom would appear, that is , the herbal activating substances are working. They will drive chemicals and residuals out of the  hair root. You should endure it for 2 –3 weeks, you will get betterment of it respectively if the accumulated chemicals at the hair root are not entirely driven out , the opportunity that new hair will grow is very infinitesimal because it is harmful substance that destroys your hair root.  Be calm and take it easy, you will soon recover to hair smart again. Sooner or later the new hair grows , it depends upon your hair cells.

Remark : If you feel severely allergic to this herbal product, you should abruptly stop usage it  because allergy may occur to specific persons.


Chaiya Rueangsak, Age 32 years , Bangkok Driver of hired motorcycles
Before “ I used it I drove motorcycles in a village-entrance que, needed wearing anti-knocking helmet ,
that cause fungi accumulation, my hair dropped , bald and Adrogenetic Alopeciaic syndrome “
After “ Jinda herb asked me to be a trial model , so far if you ask me whether it works ,
my answer is 90 % “

1.Herbal Hair Renew Lotion
250 ml.
Price 490 THB.

Lisea Glutinosa Extact Preseving Extract and etc.

Directions :
After shampoo you hair and wash out. spray this product in you hair
and leave it dry. (2 times a day)

2.Herbal Hair Shampoo
250 ml.
Price 120 THB.

Ingredients :
Litsea Glutinosa Extract Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Cocamifo and etc.

Directions :
Apply shampoo on scalp, Massage throughly,
leave for about 5 minutes and wash out.
It is recommended to shampoo your hair
in the morning.
3.Fresh Mee-Leaf Conditioner
250 ml.
Price 79 THB.

Ingredients :
Litsea Glutinosa Extract Cetrimonium Choride
Cetearyl Alcohol and etc.

Direction :
Gently apply your hair after washing it,
Massage thoughly and wash out.
(Try to avoid the scalp)


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